Welcome to Lotus International College

About the College —Lotus International College was established in 2018 in Amahiya,Ram Sanehi Ghat, Barabanki. The founder of school Sh.S. K Shekhar ,a retired officer of Reserve Bank of India recognised a need of an exclusive English Medium school in the locality which was secluded from modern education for children since a very long time.

The college aims at the integral and personal formation of young children by giving them an education which is morally, mentally, socially and spiritually sound.

The College encourages the students to keep their ideals high and strive for excellence in every field. It endeavors to inculcate in them the value of freedom and its judicious use, respect of elders. It also teaches them to abide by moral principles, to be unselfish in the service of the country.

We currently admit Boys and girls from Nursery to VIII.


Our Curriculum

We use e-learning technologies to improve educational quality.
20191101_134712 MIND GAMES
A game is structured form of play, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.
We organise time to time every types of competitions for our children. which increase a talente.
We have a variety of options during their educational period at APMPS to explore the world. Different way to teach the different subjects.
We provide subject notes based on ICSE Books.
20191101_134712 MUSIC PROGRAMS
In addition to daily music in the classrooms and outdoors,we gather weekly in the music room with teacher.


Our Happy Parents


The minimum age of kid should Be 3 years to get admission in nursery.

Approved by Government of U.P ( Basic Education Department)

The PTM Is held every Month for interaction of parents and teachers talk about their ward progress in detail.